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Here are the Top 10 FREE Remodeling and Contractor Business Templates that I have been able to gather over the past year from some of the top remodeling entrepreneurs in the country. Each of these professionals has been gracious enough to share these templates with Remodelers On The Rise visitors for free.  I wanted to share all of these with you today on one easy download page.

Enjoy and I really hope at least one or two of these free business templates can help your remodeling business grow!


Download Your Free Remodeling and Contractor Business Templates:

These templates are not ranked in any particular order. I suggest you download them all. They are really really good.

  1. Ways to Never Starve as a Craftsman from Don Kennedy (PDF)
  2. Job Profitability Matrix from Andy Haste (XLSX)
  3. Design Build Process from Dave Roberts (PDF)
  4. Progress Walkthrough Document from Todd Cella  (DOC)
  5. Remodeling Contract from Jason Gettum (PDF)
  6. Kitchen Remodeling Planing Guide from Bob Gockeler (XLSX)
  7. Bathroom Remodeling Planning Guide from Bob Gockeler (XLSX)
  8. First Day Jobsite Checklist from Randall Soules (PDF)
  9. Prospect Hiring Checklist for Your Prospects from Neil Parsons (PDF)
  10. Remodeling Contract with Specifications and Terms and Conditions from Dennis Gehman (see below all 3 docs)

BONUS – 5 Qualities of “Chiefdom”

Lastly, I wanted to share this awesome resource from Don Kennedy at Pro Master. There is a lot to learn from this! Not quite a Mission Statement but more than a mantra for your business. Use this as a guide to shape how you think about your remodeling business and have your employees do the same.

I hope you enjoyed these free remodeing templates and resources and it is my sincere hope that you get some real value out of at least one or two or all of these templates. And if you do enjoy these as much as I have, please take a minute and Share this on Facebook.

Thank you!



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